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Original Tatoo Studio Bokuryu Dragon Ink

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First Tattoo

When you get a tatoo for the first time in your life, You probably have various questions and a worry. Please refer to my summing up that let you know easily about the procedure for Medical treatment and points you should be careful about

The preparation for coming to the studio

Have you decided the design for tatooing?

Please decide a design for your tatoo. If you have a sample for the tatoo online, a magazin, or a profestional design book, bring that with you when visiting. Of course it’s fine if you design by yourself even roughly. Even if your design is obscure, I will offer you some advices by listening to what kind of meaning you want to put into your tatoo and thinking together with you.

Have you already decided a part and size to be curved on?

Please decide which part and the size for your tatoo
According to a design, it’s likely to change if your ordering size is good or not, and also according to a tatooed part and arrangement, a meaning for the tatoo can change. Therefore, It’s important to think deeply about the size and arrengement of a tatoo not only in terms of the Balance but also the meaning of a tatoo

Make a reservation

After you decide a design and size to some extent, make a reservation for either cousulting or the medical treatment. If you are still thinking about a design, it’s fine just to consult with you( For free)

What you prepare when making a reservation
  • ID card that proves your age
  • a design material if you have
From the contact to procedure for the treatment
  1. Contact
    Please contact us from the Form,LINE,Mail,Or telephone For inquiries from the form, I will reply or contact you within 24 hours.
  2. Meeting・Design proposal
    We will discuss the design image in detail. )Come to the store, or do it in LINE, or mail exchange. (We will keep 5,000 ~ 10,000 yen from you as a deposit at the consultation.) ※ We will deduct the deposit from the treatment fee.
    For confirmation that you are 18 years of age or older, we ask you to present ID card with face photo.
  3. Design Creation
    I will make a rough sketch based on the design. Untill you get satisfied, I will keep doing it by texting you with photos of the skechs.
  4. Treatment start
    After design decision, schedule is negotiated → reservation → treatment starts.

Before Treatment

Notes for the previous days
  • Refrain from suntan
    I can’t start the treatment either when your skin is getting sensitive or your skin peels off
  • Refrain from drinking
    because the amount of bleeding can be much and then it can be difficult to put ink into your skin properly
  • Take enough sleeping
    When your body is tired, you are likely to be sensitive to an incentive from the outside and
    to feel pains easily. It also increases the amount of bleeding.
  • Refrain from visiting the studio when you are hungry. When hungry, you are likely to feel pain easily.

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