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About Aftercare

Peel off the protective lap after 2 to 3 hours after the treatment, wash off vaseline and blood with lukewarm water.

Bathing is possible from that day, but the affected area is still a scar, so please be careful not to rub soap and shampoo etc. into the part. Although treatment such as disinfection is unnecessary after the operation, it affects the finish of Tattoo, so please make sure that bacteria do not enter the affected part and do not hit or rub. Also, please do not do intense exercise or drinking on the day and 3 days before and after the treatment. Also, please avoid clothes that pressure on affected areas or exercise that makes you sweat.

Avoid sunburn as much as possible

If the affected part touches clothing and it hurts, please do lap etc. Pain relieves considerably.

The scab falls off in about 10 days. There is itching, but never scratch it. The skin with the scab removed is very thin and very sensitive to external stimulations. Even a few things will be a damage, so please treat it carefully. If the scab falls off, it is okay to lightly wash it in the bath.

It takes 2 to 3 weeks until the color of the skin is completely calm. (The state of the scab and the number of treatment days will vary depending on the surgical part・carving method・design.)


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