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Fukuoka Tattoo Studio Bokuryu DoragonInk

Opening Hour  10:00〜Last  Days Off Not Fixed

Hygiene Manegement


Treatment for those under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited.
I am asking for presentation of identification on arrival.
(Please bring your identity card with a face picture that you can verify your age.

Hygiene Manegement

◎ Needles, inks, ink containers, gloves, razors, cups, papers, etc are all disposable. We will completely discard all suspicious items.
For non-disposable instruments such as tubes, after using them, use a detergent exclusive for washing equipment to remove visible dirt and ink. Next, the dirt that is invisible to the eyes and the dirt that did not fall by hand washing are completely cleaned with ultrasonic thermal washer with heat and ultrasonic wave.
For tattoo goods that have been cleaned, I sterilize them in a sterilized pouch and autoclave (high-pressure steam sterilizer) for 20 to 30 minutes with high-pressure steam at 121 ° C or 134 ° C.
Instruments that have been sterilized are kept in an ultraviolet disinfe


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