Tattoo design・
Fukuoka Tattoo Studio Bokuryu DoragonInk

Opening Hour  10:00〜Last  Days Off Not Fixed


  1. 1


    Please contact me from the form,LINE,mail, or telephone.For inquiries from the form, I will reply or contact you within 24 hours

  2. 2

    Design Proposal

    We will discuss the design image in detail.
    Come to the store, or do it in LINE, MAIL exchange. (We will keep 5,000 ~ 10,000 yen from you as a deposit at the consultation.)
    ※ We will deduct the deposit from the treatment fee.
    For confirmation that you are 18 years of age or older, we ask you to present ID card with face photo.。

  3. 3

    Design Creation

    I will make a rough sketch
    based on the design. Untill you get satisfied, I will keep doing it by texting you with photos of the skechs.

  4. 4

    Treatment starts

    After design decision, schedule is negotiated → reservation → treatment starts.

※Or, if it’s the one point Tatoo or you bring in the design, the treatment on the day is also possible.


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