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(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q24 Can you practice anytime ?
AA If you make a reservation 24 hours, you can treat at your convenience anytime.
Q If you do not agree with the design, can you redraw it?
Aif you do not like a design, I will rewrite it as many times as I can until you get satisfied with the design.
Please tell us a design image at the meeting.
If the image is still blurry, I will make it until it becomes a convincing ideal design together with you.
Q Can I hide the tattoos I get on my skin and put in different tattoos?
A It is also possible to cover a carving by yourself, to make adjustments to tattoos that are already on your skin, or to make a new design.
QWhat kind of clothes should I wear on the day of the treatment?
Aa cloth that allows the A treatment section to be exposed.is an ideal
QHow much is the pain of tattoos?
AA There are individual differences depending on the treatment part and from person to person, but it is not pain that can not be tolerated.
Basically, there is less pain in the shoulder, and belly and back feel more painful.
If you take enough sleep from the day before the treatment and have taken a good meal, the pain will be relieved considerably.
QCan I put it in menstruation?
AThere is no problem.
QCan I put in life insurance?
ABasically yes, you can.
QIs it possible to engrave the design I want as it is?
A It is possible, of course. you can bring designs drawn by yourself or image images you would like us to reference (you can not engrave objects with copyright as it is).
QHow long does it take to carve?
Asize and back and forth according to the design. It is less than 1 hour with small letters, and about 2 to 3 hours in tobacco size.
QCan I go along with my friend?
ASure of couse! Some people come with their parent, married one or boyfriend/girlfriend.
Q If you get a tattoo, would it happen that pores collapse, it trigers no sweating and no growing up of hair?
AThere is no crushing in terms of pores and derailment in the task of putting a tattoo. Also You can sweat and hair grows.

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